What content/articles do you write?

By publishing original, well written, unique content to your website on a regular basis will help to grow the authority of the site in the eyes of the search engines, the more often new content is published, the more of an interest the search engines will take in the site and the more often they will come back to the site, when combined with other SEO work, such as link building and other on and off-site SEO work, this can really help build up the momentum to get the site moving up the search results.
We have a team of in-house copywriters who are experts at creating powerful articles and press releases that are designed to get the search engines taking an interest in what is being published.
All content is sent to you for approval before it is published on site.
Once the search engines have found the new content on site and credited you as the author we usually publish it into press release portals across the web, this helps generate more links and drive more traffic to the site.